Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday: Trans-Richmond Epic

I took the Canada Line train to Bridgeport ("A" above) and walked to Cindy and Larry's house (B). It took a couple of hours as I was ambling not quick walking, and it was lovely to get out of the suburban parr of Richmond in the north and into the agricultural area of the south.

Sidewalks just stop, but not the bike lanes.

There are massive open fields in Richmond.


 Those kohlrabis are gargantuan.

 I love hand-painted signs.

My soul is soothed by sights like this. I could just stand a look at the beauty of this flat open sunny rural and tranquil space. A view like this is like meditating.

Three people live here. One is a surgeon; one is a child. Are doctors paid too much?

Cindy and Larry live close to the south arm of the Fraser River; this is a boat going by. 

 Their backyard.

 I loved playing with Dasher, their dog.

Their bees.

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