Thursday, August 6, 2015

About Thursday

You never know….

Last night friend Jude emailed me to say that friends of hers were looking for a place to rent/buy for their son. She asked: Was it too early, or could they come to see the place. I said sure. That was last night. Well, this morning they were here at 10:30 am. I spent an hour with them showing them all the amenities as well as all the features in my place that I did. I think, they were impressed.

They are Arnold and Deborah, really very warm and open and lovely people. Their son is an actor and they live half of every year near Gordes, in France. We have lots in common and thoroughly enjoyed talking.

Then I went to lunch with friends from high school and had a wonderful time and had lots of laughs. They want me to be a co-host of our reunion party.

I came home and emailed the operational and legal stats of my condo. They gave me the impression they will be back with their son to see the place again. They are keen to move quickly, they said, and to work without realtors. I think they have a lot of experience with real estate.

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