Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chris Hyndman

Steven Sabados (R) and Chris Hyndman.

Holy shit, people, you are seriously depressing me.

Well-known Canuck and “designer guy,” Chris Hyndman, has died. I ache for his partner, Steven Sabados, with whom he shared life and work. His body was found near his home yesterday and today the blogs I read are full of condolences—sadly, they are empty, clichéd, hackneyed expressions of loss.

Writing is easy when emotion is strong. That is how I have found it, anyway. But there’s a long list of B and C-list celebrities tweeting off their lack of writing skills in in response to the loss of Mr. Hyndman. It’s embarrassing.

And what’s with Tweeting your pain, anyway? Tweeting about Mr. Hyndman’s passing feels like the exploitation of the death to further the tweeter’s own celebrity to me. Why not write a letter to Mr. Sabados (care of the CBC) instead?

He was 49 years old and Mr. Sabados' partner for 27 years. How sad is that? Like I said, my heart aches for Mr. Sabados.

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