Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dîner en Blanc

More like dîner ennuyant to me.

I cannot believe how many people want to get all dressed in white and have a dinner outdoors together.  Many do, and they seem to have a great time but I could not be less interested. Why would I want to pay to enjoy an elegant picnic for which I have to do all the work and dress completely in white? The directions are Nazi-like in their demands about dress.

I have far more admiration for the people here who organized a dinner en noir in a park on the East Side. I have little admiration for copyists and derivative invention.

Dîner en blanc began in Paris in 1988. I think it should have stayed in Paris and other cities should invent their own events. Why wasn't Vancouver's, at least, Dîner en la Mer or Dîner en Bleu?

Fads are epidemics of conformity, the antithesis of originality. How do you take pride in being part of a fad? Does participation in a fad not say that you are bereft of creativity and uniqueness?

Why not have a picnic with friends in a park or at the beach on your own?

Okay, you can call me a curmudgeon. I don't mind. I hope they all had a good time.

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