Monday, August 10, 2015


Audio artifact: West end, Second Beach, Stanley Park; Aug. 9
  • Whoa, dude, that’s nothing. This is buff.
  • Love the new top style: You're rockin’ that tail.
  • Check out this G.O.T. tattoo.
  • Very cool, but whoa, I finished my sleeve.
  • Way cool, dude, but I’m all that and totally ripped.
  • Mine's the hottest bitch on the beach.
  • The bigger the beard, the bigger the meat, you know?
  • Talk nice to me baby. Earn it.
  • My chick has thigh gap. 
  • Fuck, Dude. Suck on those and you'll get plastic.  
  • I’m totally wasted, man.

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