Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nighttime Bubbles

The little film above is of my aquarium. The point is the little bubbles of oxygen—there are bigger ones that you will see plus gazillions of teeny ones. They emerge every night from the grass growing on the bottom of my tank. It is spectacular to see.
This is my 945th post on this blog—one of many blogs I have created and filled with stuff. This is the blog I have kept longest. It is modestly followed whereas one of my earliest blogs was very popular. That blog, Eye Candy, had hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of views per day. Now Tumblr and Instagram, not a blog, are the way to curate a site for images.
The people who came to see my condo wrote to say they are passing. They were careful to say that it was due to the unstable view their son has of his future and nothing to do with my condo.  I felt relief when I got their message because I remain distressed about moving.

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