Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spicing Up My LIfe

Another Pride celebration and another visit from the LA posse is over and now the denouement of summer begins. Rain is predicted for the next two days, although it is stunning yet again today but Pride weekend is like that day on vacation when you realize that soon you have to go home and back to work. In no time, Labour Day will be here and then the Fall equinox.

And I have my project for the winter: Moving. And maybe more than once. Come September, I will put this wonderful, perfect condo of mine up for sale as the first step toward moving and it is breaking my heart. In order to feel better about it, I have decided to remove my ideal spice rack I had built for this place and take it with me. It cost a fortune to have built and I designed it for this space, but I can adapt it to wherever I go (I hope).

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