Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pride Weekend

It is Pride weekend; a long weekend in BC. Monday is a holiday in BC and all weekend temperatures are predicted to remain in the mid-twenties—ideal summer weather.

Last night there was a massive street party right outside my place (see above). It was a roaring success and the first one under new relaxed liquor rules. In the past, those who drank had to remain in caged enclosures. It was ridiculous. Now people can drink and mix on the street. It was a fabulous party and I went to sleep listening to it. It did not disturb me at all.

Today at noon, friends of dearly departed Chris Adkins will assemble here at my house to remember him. He always hosted a Pride lunch on the day before the Pride Parade so my ex, Steve, is hosting a remembrance lunch here.

Tonight there is a massive fireworks display on in English Bay.

Tomorrow I will take in the Pride parade. I will watch it from Bruce’s balcony; it’s on and above the route.
I have written here often about my projects—about the projects themselves and their component parts and about the role my projects have played in my life. And after Trudeau, I was almost horrified to conclude that I did them for attention. That realization made me want to stop.

But if I stop, I have nothing to obsess about and so I obsess about how I am living my life and that is not good all the time. So it’s back to thinking about a project.

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