Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning.

The sunset last night.

Rain, rain, here to stay; at least until next Wednesday. I am not inspired to walk and am at the boredom's threshold. Hence the reading that is so difficult for a person who likes hand-eye coordinating things to do. I have considered jigsaw puzzles and continue to contemplate how I can work with beads.

There's baking. But then there's that expanding waistline. Today I found an interesting website that has everything one needs for casting. It has transparent resin that would allow me to cast light-conducing things to bead but I would need a studio for that kind of work.

I am reading a novel by a Canadian of whom I have never heard or read a thing. I continue to amaze and shock myself. But first: Off to the Saturday Farmers' Market just two blocks away. It is one of two I enjoy. The other is six blocks away on Thursdays. See why I didn't move?

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