Monday, February 8, 2016

A Passion for Walking

It's all in this blog's title.

I bussed to UBC today and walked back along Spanish Banks beach and then up through residential Point Grey and Kitsilano. When I passed Linda and John’s house, John was gardening so we had a nice visit over coffee and diet coke.

When I did my long-distance walk in France, I felt a deep joy in living off my back. I felt free of all my possessions even thought there were many at home including a beloved cat, but Leon and my place were being looked after and I had this carefree, and I mean really free feeling that infusing me as I walked.

I get that here, too, when I walk. I absolutely love walking as much as I love cooking. And what it comes down to is a reverence for life. I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for the life I have. I am excited summer is coming and a I am amazed I get another one.

I don’t take life for granted. I don’t take my health for granted. How could I given my history? Every day feels like a gift; I moved to tears every time I walk and get out into nature.

Even walking residential streets is fabulous. There is lots of greenery, churchyards and parks. There are boulevards and medians and lots of gardens maintained with pride. And few people. That’s what I like about residential streets. I like to walk alone.

What makes a person want to be alone, I wonder. Then I don’t. I don’t care. It’s who I am and it feels good — so does walking with a trusted friend, but walking alone as I do without music has me thinking and that does me well.

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