Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monday's Walk

Above are giant pussy willows. growing on 
Granville Island, They are huge and soft.

Here's another shot of them. They grow
abundantly on every branch of their tree. 

Above are the tiny white blossoms of the winter-flowering
Jasmine that is growing all over the city. As you walk, you
enter zones of it; it is uplifting and beautiful. It gives
a summery tropical sense to the city — in winter!

I have never seen this statue before. It's beside a part
of the seawall I rarely use. I love it. It looks out
over the commercial  fishing boats like a protector. 

My shadow on a rock looks like a 
memorial stone in a graveyard, but with
an image of me instead of my name.
A bit spooky.

 Above is the trunk of a Monkey Tree. They are originally 
from China but have been part of the Vancouver landscape
as long as I have been alive. 

This is the growing tip of the Monkey Tree. It is a very
defensive tree and it makes me wonder what it is so
aggressively defending itself from. Monkeys?

This row house near Kits Pool has been here all my life.
I love it. It is so well maintained and cozy feeling. Today
I could see inside and the residences look quite small.

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