Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baking & Pastry Skill Building Class #2

Just a stunning day and class. I could not love the school, its personnel, my teacher and my fellow students more than I do. Today was about laminated dough —layered dough, in other words. And there  was a lot to do and learn. Our class was to end at 2:00 and I did not get out until 3:30 and I was one of the first to leave.

I am definitely the quickest in the class. I had my dough
shaped way ahead of everyone else, not that speed is vital.
Oh my God… the proofing oven is awesome… and moist!

The Danish.

The croissants without the tails are full of almond cream. 

When I lived in France and worked at the university, every morning I passed a little boulongerie on the street and I would have a pain au chocolate. They are a personal favourite and today I made three of them with my croissant dough. I could not be prouder. Si ma mère était encore en vie pour le voir….