Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shopping in Springtime

It is such a lovely day, so warm and sunny that I decided to walk the l-o-n-g way to Granville Island to do my shopping for the dinner I am making on Thursday. I needed some spices, so I went to my favourite place on the Island market — and I got some of my favourite cheese and more saucisson sec.

The things some recipes call for. I am going to torch
the meringue on the lemon tart I am going to make.
This is a bud of wild current. They are always very early
bloomers and they bloom readily under the forest canopy.
They are a local favourite; a harbinger of great weather to come.
This current is further along. 

This, I think, is a Daphne. It is gloriously fragrant.

No idea, but BIG!

Above and below are a plant I do not know, but they are
very early bloomers, also come in pink, and are as fragrant
as Jasmine or Gardenia.

Pussy Willow, above and below.

This brave little lad and I had a long chat. He has the
most amazing
 variety in his song, this little starling.
Although they have reached pest status, they are a
really charming breed and I can understand why they
were (unwisely) imported from England.
These absolutely STUNNING seeds are Anise seeds.
I got some new Anise today and was throwing out
the old stars when I found all these seeds. Beauties eh?!

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