Friday, February 5, 2016

Cake, Nerves & Easter

Chris and Frani surprised me. They came to visit late in the afternoon and stayed the night. I had enough warning to shop and to prep a full-on Ottolenghi dinner for them — plus I made a chocolate cake (above) that served for us and will serve for another Ottolenghi dinner I am cooking for six on Saturday.

The sensuality of the kitchen seduced me. Our relationship began sweetly; I began with baking and my preference was to adopt the French style; the finickyness of pastries strongly attracted me. I learned to cook main courses in order to get to dessert.

But now I have seriously invested in cooking by enrolling in two cooking schools. And out of the blue came a desire to make classic chocolate cake. It's a dish I consider American, like Apple pie. I made this one from the Butter cookbook and increased the volume so that I could make a good tall cake.

March 30th. That’s the date I go to the neuromuscular Diseases Unit for an assessment of my fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae where I had an operation in 1988. That will be interesting. I have been assessed before and I found it to be one of the more fascinating experiences of my life. The extraordinary tools they have amazed me.

Steve (my ex) is on Easter Island. He chose to celebrate his sixtieth birthday there with his current, Tim.

Click on tho sone. It is a panorama shot. Steve is in the photo
to give us a sense of the scale of the Iorana.

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