Friday, August 5, 2016

Caught on Film

It finally happened!

My speech comes and goes; the episodic nature of its disappearance baffles both me and my friends. It makes some doubt the authenticity of my affliction. I asked a doubter why he thinks I would fake such an affliction and he said, "To get attention." Nice, eh?! ... Fucker.

This morning I felt great and so, to compensate for the disastrous speech I recorded here on Wednesday, I decided to record an example of how well I can speak periodically—when I am relaxed. But things went wrong.  As odd as it may seem, I am happy to have this record of how suddenly and dramatically I can lose my ability to speak.

You'll see me move my hand back and forth to my mouth with my fingers straight, but pinched together. It's what I do when I lose my speech. It's automatic; a habit I have developed to indicate that I am trying to pull words out of my mouth.

The more I do, the more people I see, the more this happens.

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