Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic Broadcasts & Classic Cars

I used to love watching the Olympic games but now the commentary is so stultifying I have to mute the TV. As with the news, factual reporting and intelligent conversation is trumped by supercilious trivialities.
I started to make a list of the ridiculous things said by the commentators, but I gave up. It was becoming too long. I was particularly offended by the presumption of some of them who felt inclined to tell us how the athletes were thinking and/or feeling.
The commentary is a positive festival of clich├ęs; every time the speakers open their mouths they reveal a shocking dearth of originality. Sure, they’re under pressure, but it’s not a hugely demanding job. The sentimentality is lethal; the compensatory euphemisms offered to those who fail to win a medal are as offensive.
The medium is terrified of silence. The constant barrage of dialogue makes it challenging to develop your own original thoughts about all you see; it’s insulting.
But the visuals and the performances of the athletes are compelling. Everyone involved in the technical aspects of the broadcasting are delivering on a par with the athletes. Sometimes you feel like you are in the pool with them; you almost feel the puffs of dust that come from the calcium on the hands of the gymnasts.

On walks lately, I’ve seen several remarkable cars…..

This little collection of perfume bottles is on the dashboard
of the gold Porche pictured below. 

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