Sunday, August 21, 2016

Script Misfire; End of the Olympics

They say your characters will take you where you want to go. Well, I’m not liking where Camilla, Des and Morris are going so I’m fundamentally re-thinking my script. I can, of course, tweak what I have, but I think beginning all over again is likely because they got “heavy” on me and I want the piece to have lots of lightness.
Writing natural conversational comedy is hard. It’s not telling funny stories or jokes, and I am not interested in physical comedy. Good comedy involves wit and I know I have it. I can be very funny in conversation but writing comedy is impossibly difficult and that is why I want to do it.
I think I need to immerse myself in Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde before sitting down to start again.
Dwight and I went to dinner the other night at Ancora. It was a spectacular night. We started here at my place with drinks and then went to the restaurant. The theme of our discussions, of late, has been relationships—ours and those we have with others.
I talk with Christopher, my physiotherapist, about his recently broken relationship and about dating. And with my psychiatrist, we talk about both about my relationships and relationships in general—her clinical voice and experience gives me rich insights.
I go over it all and ponder past experiences as I do my walking; the conversations and the thinking yield dialogue and/or direction for my script.
Last night, I had dinner with a former Crown Prosecutor. I took her to dinner in exchange for insight into some criminal procedures and terminology I need for the script. She is going to help me bring impressive accuracy to my script (I hope).
A lot of the Olympic commentators have irritated me with their inane commentary but Donovan Bailey is a natural. Everything he said added to my joy watching Usain Bolt and Andre de Grasse.
And Canadian wrestler Erica Wiebe is a total treat. She does us so proud every time she opens her mouth. And Adam van Koeverden is a class act whenever he opines.

I am going to really miss these Olympics. They’ve been staged in a very convenient time zone and Canadian athletes have done very well.

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