Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RIP Chris Loranger Productions

I took one step closer to death yesterday: I euthanized my corporate self, closing my corporate bank and GST accounts in the morning. My income has come from book sales, speeches, performing and teaching but since I can’t speak well any more and my book is sold out, it was time to pull the plug.

Do I feel anything? No. Am I sad about it? Not at all.

Doing it was the penultimate item on my list of errands; for the past two days, I’ve completed every single task on my “to do” list. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going from place to place getting things done in such glorious sunshine. As I walk, I stop often to sit and rest in the shade; I think life is as perfect as the weather.

Yesterday I’d completed all my errands but one at one thirty, so I decided to treat myself to an old friend: A White Spot Hamburger. I used to live on them when I was young and as I enjoyed its retro taste, I contemplated how to extend the celebration of my self-imposed corporate death.

Then I remembered a vase I’d seen in a Granville Island glass foundry I coveted so I headed back to see it again. The decision allowed me to incorporate the False Creek seawall into my route; walking uninterrupted is such a treat.

The vase cost $1,800. I stood, stupefied by its beauty and playing the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I game for a long time but, intimidated by its price, I walked away and went further down the street to Circle Craft where I saw a ring at half the price. It’s silver with a brushed gold band on the top and it has a solitary diamond. I’ve always been tempted by a diamond ring and I loved the mix of gold and silver but it was too small.

The clerks in the store were giddy—this is a craft co-operative where a thousand-dollar sale is big stuff. So it was a little like being Cinderella trying on the slipper; there was a sad sigh when it didn’t fit. So one clerk asked if she’d like me to call the artist to see if she’s made one in my size and I said, “Definitely!”

And to complete the celebration of my corporate death I am going to Ancora for dinner tonight with Dwight. I’ll be eating on the terrace, right on the False Creek Seawall for sunset on a perfect summer night with the finest guy in my life. Perfect.

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