Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympics! Chocolate!

Still loving the Olympics!!

I have twice heard CBC commentators describe a competitor as having “come out of nowhere.” I find that insulting and condescending. It betrays an embarrassing Western bias; the competitors so described, I am certain, would not consider themselves to have come out of nowhere. They trained for years like every Olympian. The bias is intolerable at times.

The inanity of so many things said has me muting a lot of what I watch.

Hope Solo, an American soccer goalie, is the Trump of the American Olympic team.

But Usain Bolt. What a guy! Not just the fastest man in the world for his third Olympic Games but, in the heat and in the final he was constantly giving Andre de Grasse a pat, a touch, a hug. That leadership, that generosity, when coupled with sport mastery, is an unparalleled high to watch. I just wept to see such mentoring. That is truly Olympian.

Enough bitching: CBC reporter, Andi Petrillo, is awesome; her chemistry with daytime co-host, David Amber, is fun to watch.

And CBC news reporter Rosemary Barton is a perfect anchor. Her delivery is poised and even but it’s her appearance that makes me like her. I abhor the Barbieization of women in broadcast journalism. My women friends blame the medium; Ms. Barton’s grace and non-narcissistic appearance proves that women can deliver the news without overt pandering to the camera (as Wendy Mesley does too much).

I bought $50 worth of imported chocolate. Some is $25 for 50 grams. It is amazing; slight on the fat, yet not bitter and very, very rich. Yum!

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