Thursday, August 25, 2016

YouTube on my TV. YES!

I am stoked!
I love the TV show, The Great British Bake Off (as it is called in the UK). I just finished watching season six on PBS and I hungered for more, so I started watching season one on You Tube. I have Apple TV, so last evening I decided to try to access YouTube on my TV and I succeeded.
It’s fabulous to be able to watch YouTube’s and Vimeo’s movies and TV programs on my TV instead of on my computer. Plus, they are immeasurably more engaging than the shite I see on broadcast TV.
Besides The Great British Bake Off, I am hooked on Stephen Fry’s QI.
Right now, at 10:00 am, here at home alone, if I try to speak out loud I nothing comes out. But if I step outside and encounter a neighbour, I speak absolutely perfectly.  
It’s so weird, because on Tuesday I went to a meeting of my high school alumni. There were about ten of us there and it was the most successful socializing I’ve done since the onset of my PTSD symptoms. I barely stuttered and when I got home my speech continued to be almost normal. I suspect things went so well because I’ve known everyone for fifty-plus years.
For the past few days, I’ve been almost symptomless. I suspect it could all come back with a vengeance if I strayed off the familiar path, but I feel I am rocking recovery. Clearly, the huge setback was due to Steve staying here and the social CHAOS of Pride.

If I stick to myself, do only one thing a day, reject invitations that involve a strange place or people I do very well at living my life.

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