Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Making Moolah and Changing Course on my Script

I’d like to call it a bank error but it wasn’t. It was human error. Okay, it was my fault. But what a great mistake to make! I went into see why I couldn’t reconcile my accounts and discovered my error. Result: Four grand in my favour.
I’ve ordered the raw ingredients with which to make licorice ice cream. It’s a request of my ex who has returned to LA and won’t be able to taste it, but I am keen to try to devise a recipe because I love licorice too.
I haven’t spent any time lately with Camilla, Des and Morris, the characters in my play, and I’ve been rewarded, I think, by taking a break. Out of nowhere, an idea for an ending came to me. It’s an extremely short and silent scene from which came a vision to change the central idea of the play.

If I keep tweaking away and taking lots of gaps to think my characters and their arcs through, I just may finish something in which to take pride. It’s kind of exciting.

In technical writing, the faster you work the more you make. The fee is fixed, so if you can do it very quickly, you can take on more clients and more work and earn a decent income. I got used to writing quickly over forty years of working with clients.

There’s an unexpected irony in writing fiction: It’s far more revealing of the truth of me than technical writing as it draws on the experience of me and my friends.

The first man who said he loved me is a straight friend. Three straight men have said they loved me with sincere feeling. I have always assumed it is the result of two things.
  • One: I am non-competitive and I think straight men trigger competition in each other.
  • And two: I help them understand their women. From a lifetime of closeness with women, they gain insights to feminine values from me. I believe I am a dispassionate and thoughtful sounding board with whom they can talk about their relationships. 

So I have decided to focus on the gay/straight male relationship rather than on the gay/straight female relationship that was my motivating purpose.

My gorgeous bright red shrimp are breeding like crazy and the aquarium store where I got the few with which I started is interested in buying some of mine. They pay $3 per shrimp and want 100 and I can do this regularly. What a hoot: It being my only source of income, if anyone asks me what I do, I can say I sell shrimp.

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