Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer is Ending

Holy crapola it was hot yesterday. I had all my shades down and the fan on; my condo aims right at the sun as it goes down. Leslie came over to be my guest at dinner at my favourite neighbourhood bistro, Le Brasserie. We had bubbly here before we went.
The restaurant was packed. My speech, throughout the evening, on a scale of one-to-ten, was at about six or seven.
And tonight, I have a date with Robin for drinks and then dinner at the same place. I may be gay (non-practicing) and I may have baggage, but I can score lots of dates with wonderful women.
Nicola and Dianne are other regular dinner dates but today I am seeing Diane at the PNE. Going to the PNE is homework: It’s crowded but not noisy like the annual summer fireworks and the Pride Parade that set me way back, so I’m hoping I cope well.

The best part of going to the PNE will be walking there. I adore walking and no walk is as good as one done early in the day. The air is so fresh and the smells are vivid; my route takes me through the heart of Chinatown and Mount Pleasant, the most interesting and historic part of the city.

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