Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back to Vancouver

Luckily I heard her walking. It was midnight, so I got up, let her out, got her back and went back to bed. And hoped.
I got up at 5:00 and the place was clean! Hurrah!
Today, Chalise will look after her while I am in Vancouver. The day is predicted to be decent so they can spend lots of time outdoors.
One thing about power failures is how good I feel when they’re over. When the lights came back on, I went into overdrive doing errands.
The last errand was to assemble the low table for the studio (I need one high and one low one for my mannequins). It has a large and practical storage compartment that makes it challenging to assemble. But I couldn’t finish. The directions stumped me so I’m gong to wait until the weekend and consult with Peter and Crystal. I’m hoping they also help me with the bed.
I had the best hot tub when I quit, though. Oh my God I love my tub now. Plus it was mild and the air smelled like Hawaii. I am so happy this place has the tub.
Because I was so taken with Ben Platt on the Grammies, I tool some time yesterday to read about the show and to listen to the sound track. (I bought it.) I love it; but then I love show tunes.
I discovered that Michael Grief directed it; he was also the director who nursed Back to Normal through its extraordinary development to its triumph on Broadway. Both shows are musicals about mental illness.
It made me cry listening to several songs. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, I’m very vulnerable to stories about mental health, self-acceptance and peer acceptance.
Easily, my favourite day of the year is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. It’s my equivalent of Thanksgiving and I like to celebrate, so I’m hosting Michelle (the woman who runs the Arts Council), her partner, Maggie, Patsy (who introduced me to Michelle) and Jay. I’m having a dinner party! But not ‘till March 11th.
It feels very nice to celebrate with Patsy and Jay. They’ve both been so welcoming and helpful since I moved here, and I like thanking Patsy for introducing me to Michelle who runs the agency where I now volunteer.
Now… I’m off to the seaplane.

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