Monday, January 1, 2018

Mertz Manor Roofed

I had a really nice day Monday. I didn’t do much but I did more work on Mertz Manor. I’m back into it but tomorrow I go to Vancouver so I won’t get back to it until Wednesday.
I did roofs and it takes quite a while with the trim and everything. Plus, I added two chimneys. But the real time consumer is keeping things together; the cats are fierce in their determination to scatter everything as far and wide as possible.
I’m moving at a slug’s pace but I don’t care; I’m amazed at how much I like moving slowly. With the dresses I was a fanatic; I couldn’t stop. I worked dawn to bedtime. Not at Pinecone Park. Here I’m Mr. Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow and I like it.
I’ve still got lots to do and the details, like windows, go slowly. I want to add some outside stairs too. And I’ve got a lot of stuff to put inside to make: Gluing catnip to some walls, some shiny fringe and string. They love string. And balls.

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