Saturday, January 27, 2018

Just Another Day

It’s very stormy this morning and the lights are flickering. I may lose power today. However: Sheba’s better. There were no accidents last night.
I was busy all day Friday and it was a long day.
I finished the first big task for the Arts Council and began the second one that will take longer. It’s volunteer work that is perfect for me; it’s purely clerical that I love doing. I can do it alone at home alone (I don’t have to go to any meetings) and it is super practical for the organization.
I also assembled the studio TV console table. It took much of the day; it was hard to do alone. But it’s done and the TV is on it. It was my first day working in the studio and I loved it.
By six o’clock I was a walking zombie. I’d been up since 2:30 am and had no nap. I was crashing but then a Bruno Mars special came on TV and boy did that wake me up. The guy is the most fabulous entertainer; I’m a massive fan. It was a show he and his group did at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Man… What a show. And then finally, to bed.
This morning I’m meeting Jay for breakfast. It’s something we’ve done a few times and it’s becoming a nice tradition. I’ll spend the rest of the day assembling chairs and finishing the Arts Council work.

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