Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Me: Tile Cutter!

It’s back to endless relentless rain. Yes. I am wearing sweat pants.
In spite of the dark and damp I cleaned up the yard around the house and dumped two heaping wheelbarrows full of tree detritus behind the fence. It’s perfect fodder with which to mix my kitty waste (that can’t go in the garbage) together with ashes from the fireplace. Each Spring I plan to put a thick layer of soil over the mixture and it will turn into rich mulch. All systems are a go now.
I also picked up all the pieces of Downton Abby in the afternoon. I’m glad it was that DVD that suffered the most. The others were all over the living room but unopened. IN the evening, I “enjoyed” picking up all the days garbage all over again. While I was reading a fabulous article online, Her Highness got into the garbage and redistributed around the house including all over the couch.
This morning there was Almond Roca everywhere. That’d be cat poo encrusted with kitty litter for which Her Highness has a fondness.
I blame the rain. I could not take her out and playing ball was a drag in the constant rain. I’m praying for weather decent enough for a walk and if Darrell grouts my hearth tiles Her Highness will love having her other boyfriend in our house.
Darrell tiled the studio wall behind the stove yesterday and he showed me how to cut so I made tiles with which to cover my hearth (see above). Today he’s going to grout them so I’ll have a nice clean tiled hearth instead of filthy stained concrete.  Me: Cutting tile!
I think Darrell is installing the stove in the studio today. If he does, I’ll have a little ritual to celebrate tonight. I’ll light some incense and listen to Radio Canada with Sheba and contemplate just how lucky I am.
I gave Darrell a bag of blueberry tarts for he and Elaine yesterday. I could tell he was touched by my generosity — he who is incredibly generous with smoked salmon. When we talk he betrays an intent to stay in touch; it’s definitely going to be different around here without him. His work brings excitement into my life.
After he leaves bringing excitement to Pinecone Park will be up to me again — unless we decide I can afford the sunroom. (The other source of excitement, of course, will be visitors.)
At the end of the day I got an email from Mitch at the Arts Council asking me to do some writing and editing — mostly editing and assembling text. I’m thrilled to be able to volunteer and use a skill set in which I’m confident.
Shirley and Mark were due to visit on Saturday but they are not coming. Mark is in need of a heart transplant. I chose not to say how feeble an excuse I thought that was.
The poor guy is suffering kidney failure due to the medications he’s been taking for his heart. When I talked with Shirley, as in so very many conversations this past year, we gave thanks to our country’s medical system and its working professionals.

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