Friday, January 12, 2018

Recent Grunt Work

This is the shed.  It used to be a dump but I cleared everything out and laid the think black plastic floor. The top photo is the side closest to my house and the studio and the cardboard cartons are furnishings for the studio.

The lower photo shows the other side where all my garbage containers are. The doors go to GIRO and the rug is going in the studio. I park my car on the right in the lower photo.

This is Styrofoam bagged for a woman who will take it to Nanaimo for a donation. The cardboard will be picked up by the garbagemen but I had to bundle it. The old venetian blinds are also bundled and they, too, must go to Nanaimo. The plastic pots go to GIRO.

And this is the floor going into the Studio and Darrell working on ruining his knees. You can see how ugly the tiles are but they are very practical in terms of time to lay them, price and for cleanliness.

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