Friday, January 26, 2018

What's That Smell?

Sheba woke me at 2:30 am this morning. She’s not done it before.
I figured she needed to go out so I got up, dressed and took her out. Nothing happened but when we came in I noticed a bit of a pooey smell and figured Her Highness was a vicious farter.
I went back to bed and she wanted up on the bed too. That was new, but I hauled her up and loved cuddling with her but she couldn’t settle.
I got up and dressed again; the cats were hungry. I was groggy and not happy to be up so early and I continued to smell her farts. Then I saw it. All around the dining room table were puddles of pee and trails of diarrhea. I wanted to wind back time and start the night over again.
I felt sorry for her and I was impressed that she woke me. I lit incense and the fire. It’s going to be a mighty long day. Sigh.
Yesterday was positively fabulous.
I spent all day moving stuff from the house and the shed into the studio. Oh it was good work — my incense burning and my favourite music booming out of wireless speakers. Praise technology! There’s nothing like hearing your favourite music in a new “home.”
And oh, the rug in the guest room part of my studio! It’s like walking on cotton batting and I can push my work able over to it so when I’m working I’ll be standing on a very forgiving surface. What a fabulous day it was!
Keeping two fires going certainly keeps my busy. So does working in a studio without a fridge or a toilet; there’s going to be quite a path between the house and the studio.
I ended yesterday —a day of constant activity and diligent work — in the hot tub.
I thought my hot tub was a carbuncle in my landscape but now I’m a passionate convert. I feel privileged to have such a luxury at my disposal. And last evening, the sun broke through and it was nice and bright until five o’clock. I can almost feel Spring.
I’m doing it again today. It’s sunny again. It’s cold, but I’m doing it.

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