Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm In!

This is the end where I'll work. I have all the space I need.

This is where I can do prep work when I'm assembling on the table.

This is the end that will be furnished and serve as a guest room.

I’m into my brand new studio and I’m panting. I feel like I won the lottery.
When I think of how I had to work in the condo, it hurts. This new space is paradise.
I moved my stuff into the studio today — just not the guest room furniture. It turns out the grout in the floor has to dry for a week so Darrell will seal the floor at the end of the week; once sealed I’ll furnish the place. I’m profoundly happy I had the window installed that is now above the counter. It is a lovely second work surface with a killer view.
The studio was a cold dark building that was infested with rats and smelled like it when I got this place. I’ve been concerned about how much I’ve spent but I’ve dramatically increased the value of this property with this renovation.
I regret not one cent.

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