Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let’s Get This Party Started

2016 was wasted. It was, perhaps, the worst year of my life. Summer, my favourite season, was the worst of my life. The worst day of all, I had nineteen seizures and speech was not only impossible, I had little understanding of what was wrong. I also woke up hoping I’d be “cured” every morning.
2017 was much better. The Defiant Dress project saved me. It was a wonderful way to make the best of life stuck indoors in my teeny weeny Vancouver condo. And the praise it earned from the Arts Club’s dramaturge was a rich, rich reward.
2017 was also the year of the move to Gabriola. And by moving in October, all of the challenges of shifting to a rural half-off-the-grid life were met before the year ended leaving me free to enjoy 2018.
So I’m heading into 2018 with enormous enthusiasm for my new location, the visits of friends and the constant company of Fred, Ethel, Sheba, the birds, and the deer. And, for the first time in my entire life a life-long dream come true: My own brand spanking new studio.
And maybe, in 2018, I’ll hear something from the Arts Club’s about The Defiant Dress.
My brand new wood stove will warm me for the rest of winter. I’ll be moving into, and setting up, my studio. Then comes Spring!
When I think of the warm weather coming, a couple of cubic yards of purchased topsoil, my big backyard and the hours I’ll spend with plants while Sheba plays … well, I just cannot imagine a better life. And all without noise: Car alarms, leaf blowers, un-mufflered motorcycles, trucks backing up, busses kneeling and breaking and anti-social street life.
I have asthma. I also have “Hay Fever;” Spring and Fall are rough on my respiration. My friends understand that. Well noises and things that happened to me in the city caused me to have seizures. I had hundreds of them in 2016 and maybe a hundred in 2017.  I think it’s fair to say I’d become allergic to city life because I very rarely have seizures here.
So let’s get this party started. Bring on 2018. I am so ready. And I hope you share my enthusiasm for 2018 — for your plans and expectations.
But today I go to Vancouver. I’m meeting Bruce and Mary-Lou for breakfast, getting some pet bait and chocolate and seeing Dr. S.

Hojas are one of my favourite flowers. When I get my sunroom
I plan to get a couple. Their fragrance is spectacular.

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