Monday, April 23, 2018

A Bad Day

I had an 8:00 am appointment at the auto shop to get my car a tuned up. I had to walk around for two hours while they worked on the car; I had a lovely time walking Twin Beaches and its peninsula. I loved the walk; I loved the constant sound of the waves breaking on the beach. I wish I lived on the seaside. (See below.)
Just before going back to the garage I walked through a big open and “crashed.” Suddenly the sunshine felt like a toxin in my eyes. I was, unfortunately, mute when I went in to get the car but I got by. But on the way home I had to pull over because I was crying. I felt just awful.
I didn’t feel sad or angry or scared. I just felt awful — really awful. I suppose the reason is C-PTSD. Perhaps it was just because I was away from home too long and alone. The rest of the day was a write-off; I had no energy.
Thank God I have no guests right now.
Sunday morning Allan, Larry, Sheba and I went for a longish walk down to the beach below the bluff on which my house sits. And then we hiked back up and it was time for the boys to leave, Sheba to sleep deeply and for me to clean up, do some baking and relax. The visit couldn’t have gone better. We were insanely compatible and the visit was short. 
April is a dark month in the backyard of Pinecone Park & Spa. The sun passes behind trees during the afternoon at this time of year. A month from now the sun will be beating down from almost directly overhead and the backyard will be sunny again.

Wild Current. I love this plant.

Deep, deep love.

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