Saturday, April 21, 2018

Allan and Larry

I’m excited. “Summer” is here! The coming week is predicted to be sunny with temperatures ranging between 16° and 19° — nineteen degrees! (And Beth leaves for home today; it’s a shame her visit was almost entirely nasty weather between long stretches of excellent weather.)
I’m ready for my best summer ever! Darryl will be back at the beginning of May to finish the porch, build the trellis and do the courtyard. Then, for the rest of summer, I’ll just hang here, hope for guests, and obsess on every growing thing in my backyard —interspersed with walks and picnics with Sheba and lots of time devoted to the spa, hammock and decorating the fence.
Friday morning I was a madman. I put together a complicated salad and shopped for supplies for Larry and Allan’s visit. I also went to the nursery and got two flowering Cherry trees to bring lots of colour to the yard (see above). They are quite big but with the help of the boys, I hope to plant them today. 
When the boys arrived it was rush, rush, rush to get them settled before the local realtor came to pick them up. They saw four island properties and the one they liked the most is two blocks away from me but none were perfect for them.
When they returned, we talked and drank together through Happy Hour and then had dinner. I cooked a chicken pie and reheated it but served it cool by mistake. Sigh. And through it all we just kept talking and laughing until it was time for bed.
It’s been interesting to listen to Allan and Larry talk about potentially moving here. I’d, of course, love it. Allan is clearly interested in the possibilities but has concerns about being bored and feeling isolated; Larry is gung-ho. I had no reservations about coming here; I was enthusiastic. I think Allan might do well, but it’s a big change for him and it involves abandoning acting and the income it brings. It’s a big decision for him.
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