Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Beautiful, Beautiful Sunshine!

Oh my God! Clear skies! Beth said it would clear up the minute she left! I was out with the Woodpeckers and the sunrise to wash everythingoutside — all my furniture, the car, broad-leafed plants, the barbeque and the cover for the spa. Every surface is yellow with pollen.
I’m finished planting for a while. Now comes pruning and fertilizing and tending to details. Last week I raked a thin layer of soil over a part of my front yard where the land was mostly pebbles and already the tiny plants and mosses are taking hold. In a couple of months I’ll have a nice green carpet where once there was nothing.
It felt empty atPinecone Parkafter Beth left yesterday.  
It’s too bad that she was here during such shitty weather but it was nice for me to have company during the monsoons. She and I watched movies and TV shows at night and I watched them through to the end. Today, I’m back to being unable to sit still. I wonder why I can watch TV with company but not without. 
I baked yesterday. I made lemon bars — my own recipe. I made a pastry base and baked it and then I added a layer of a paste made of coconut, brown sugar, walnuts,eggs, a touch of flour and some chopped up lemons from a jar someone gave me. I baked it again and then topped it with a layer of butter icing. It’s really good!
When I woke this morning the kitchen was a shitstorm of catnip. Ethel clearly found my stash and had herself a party last night. Fred has no interest in catnip.
No Defiant Dress today. I’ve a zillion errands to do before Allan and Larry arrive. 
I got on my knees mid-morning? To pray? No. Because I met someone arractive? No. I got down to go over my deck with a metal brush in order to get rid of the soup of slimy algae mixed with pollen. My deck and spa cover is now pristine.
Now I’m off to the village, then back for lunch, then to Drumbegwith Sheba and then into the spa for Happy Hour. 

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