Sunday, April 8, 2018

More Rain!

Someone, somewhere is most certainly gathering breeding pairs of animals. It’s predicted to rain the entire coming week. At least it’s warm.
Yesterday we got a break after monsoon rain Friday night and early Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon the sun actually came out — but not for long. We visited a couple of trails and then made a beeline home before the rain returned. Saturday evening, Beth went with Patsy to an event and for dinner and I stayed home.
But what a boring productive week we have ahead of us, given the weather. This is the worst I have felt about the weather in a long, long time. It’s Spring and I moved here in October so it feels cruel that sunshine, warm weather and the explosion of blooms is being delayed.
We have, however, our compensatory pattern: Beth works in the studio, I work at my desk in the house. We lunch together and then return to our respective spaces until dinner unless there is a break in the weather. Night times are spent watching movies.
I’ve competed the re-write of scene one of The Defiant Dress. My plan was to send it to a couple of friends to read but given the horrid weather, but I decided to carry on through scene three (there’s no dialogue in scene two) before involving the readers. And what a blast! Because I have no idea what happens. It’s really fun to re-read.
Jane and her friend Claire (visiting from Toronto) came for lunch today. And what fun! Jane has long been a particularly fun friend, and Claire! Wow! What a fun woman she iss; she teaches dance in Toronto at a university and we knew lotsof people in common.
Late this afternoon it brightened up so Beth went for a trail walk and I toured my plants; I’m a bud watcher. Then I had a quick hot tub to get some welcome down time before a wander without rain and with Sheba.

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