Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Catching Up

With Beth here I’m doing much more so I’ve not the time I usually have to write about what we do. However, here are some notes from the past few days (Saturday – Monday):
  • Saturday I impressed myself while Beth did her digital ablutions. I — unassisted — got my Apple TV working. It amazes me when I can solve a digital conundrum. Neither Video on Demandnor Apple TVhad been working, but now both are providing access to new movies.
  • I have written to the dog training people (and copied the woman in the Medical Services Plan) to say it’s not necessary to make Sheba a seizure awareness dog. My seizures have devolved to “hiccups;” they are short, mild and manageable. I’ve offered to repay MSP for their share of Sheba’s purchase cost having made this decision. I have the alarm I wear; it’s sufficient.
  • When Beth went to Nanaimo, she came home with an electric keyboard so she can practice piano in the studio while I work on The Defiant Dressin the house.
  • I did something I think was “brilliant.” I have never been pleased with my opening scene of The Defiant Dress.It has to do somuch: It has to engage you, set up and foreshadow its primary drive and set the tone — and all in dialogue, in voices true to the characters. That’s no small challenge. So I thought long and hard about what the play is about and came up with one word: “Potential.” My character’s potential is the concern of my script and so I re-wrote the scene to my great satisfaction.
  • Beth and I visited Sandwell, Gabriola Sandsand Drumbeg Provincial ParksDrumbegwas easily the highlight of our adventures as can be seen in the previous post. The geography is classically Gulf Island; I will likely go there every week this summer. The natural beauty is inspiring and it is out of the wind there.
  • I bought a good second hand bike. Then, after many back-and-forths with Wiley the bike man, I got a seat stem that facilitates people of various heights. It’s going to be an excellent resource at The Spafor guests.
  • Sunday night, Beth and I had an argument; on her blog, she referenced our “first” fight. (Does that mean she anticipates another?) There was no trace of problem on Monday. She grew up with a sibling she did not like; she is an experienced fighter. I am not; I am a fleer/repressor not a fighter.

The coming week is supposed to be mild and wet. Beth and I face being stuck in the house for a week. She has, however, her piano, books to read and writing to do. Plus we have a ton of food in the fridge and access to great movies, so I’m sure we’ll cope. 
There’s a verybig lifestyle difference between dull or rainy days and when the weather is nice; my guests and I are forever involved in adapting to isolated island life.

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