Monday, April 30, 2018

The Trellis Ascends

This is the salmon Darrell brought me. He arrived at my
place around noon; he’d caught the 22-lb. fish that morning

It was sweet, very moist and delicious!.

It’s Monday morning and it feels like winter is back but this week is predicted to be pretty good weather. 
Darrell arrived and was underway by 8:00 am. He’ll be here all week I think, and Paula K. wrote to say she’s keen to visit this week. I’m happy because she was my first visitor here and she’ll see lots of changes. Plus, James is coming to stay in Paula T.’s cabin this week so I’ll see him as well.
Meanwhile … I am progressing through the edit of scene three and enjoying it. I’d like to try to finish it by tomorrow so I can send it to some friends to read while I play with Paula. 
I am very proud of the dresses and their stories. I am very confident of their success. But I feel no such confidence or pride in the script. There’s a story, there’s tension and there’s a happy ending but I have no idea if it will work as a play. The time feels right for feedback.
Sheba’s backbone is almost exactly at my knees. She’s hairy and heavy and we’re in deep love — so much so that she thinks she’s a lap dog. Last night she squirmed up onto my lap as I sat in my big easy chair. This morning I wrote to her breeders to express my pride and joy in her and to thank them sincerely for providing me with such a faithful loving friend.

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