Friday, April 20, 2018

Hallelujah; Summer!

Hallelujah: Look at that forecast!
Yesterday was glorious. Darryl came by in the morning to talk about the rest of the work to be done. He’s hired a neighbour of mine to help him with the concrete tiles; he plans to start the week after next. I’m totally excited. It’s going to look fabulous.  
And … the trellis is a go. We have a plan for it that will enable me to grow grapes and he’s also going to build me a trough beside my deck wherein I can grow raspberries. Hooray! I’m also going to grow some marijuana; he’s going to give me some plants.
The second porch is a no-go. Instead he will build a screen door into the front door frame. That’s an ideal solution for me. It’s cheap, easy and gives me cross-ventilation.
Just after noon I went to Elly’s to garden with Sheba. On my way I realized I don’t warn her my speech. I hadn’t noticed until today that I’d stopped forewarning people and I think that is a sign of progress/acceptance. 
After Happy Hour in the spa with lemon squares, I went to the penultimate puppy training class.
My truth is this: I’d rather not do more volunteer gardening (but I will) and I’m glad the puppy classes are ending — I’m just so impossibly happy here at Pinecone Park & Spa, I never want to leave. And with summer temperatures coming, I’m going to see wonderful growth in my garden.
Larry and Allan arrive early this afternoon. We have lots of fun when we’re together, so this visit should go well. They have a car with which to explore without me, and real estate to view so our time together might be mostly Happy Hour and after.
I’m going to the nursery today to consider getting two large flowering trees, hoping they can be delivered and that the boys I can help me to move and plant them. I’m full of enthusiasm and relief that I have confirmation from Darryl about the trellis, screen door, porch interior and courtyard. 
That will bring an end renovations and I’m gardened out so soon work will begin on the woodshed. It’s going to be a long-lasting, ugly, noisy, dirty job. I’ve tons of stuff left by the previous owners to get rid of and then all my construction detritus to deal with as well. 
But first it’s time to enjoy Allan and Larry’s visit and after that, the final go-through of scene three of Defiant Dressbefore contacting the Arts Club for a reading.

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