Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I Love “My” Island

Look at that tree trunk. I think salt may do this.
Lichen covers  a dead tree.

I had a great, great day Tuesday! I worked like it might never be sunny again but today is going to be sunny too. In fact, there are several sunny days ahead and true Spring-like temperatures (16°). My garden will love the sunshine and profit from the fertilizing I will do today.
Cleaning the algae off and digging the Fir needles/dirt/pollen out from between the deck planks to prevent wood rot was a time-consuming job yesterday. I also raked the yard, cleaned up under the ferns where there was years of built-up rotting fronds and planted everything still in containers.
I also took Sheba for a walk in Drumbeg(see the photos above). On the way, I turned a corner and saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary — there was just the road ahead of me with trees on either side. But the way the light came through the trees made the scene glorious — and radiantly so.
I passionately loved a movie I saw called Hear My Song. In it the protagonist has to drive to England to fetch an Irish tenor and on his way, he sleeps in his car. As he goes to sleep one night, the screen fades to black and then we see the sunlight on his face at sunrise. We see him open his eyes and move to get out of the car and there’s a cut to a very long, very slow pan of the Irish landscape and I wept when I saw it, it was so beautiful.
I loved that scene because the director got me to feel what the protagonist was feeling: Total love of the land. This is a patriotic Irish film. He takes in the view to remember the purpose and importance of his mission as he leaves for enemy territory. It’s a stunning scene and that’s how I felt on the road here. I love “my” island deeply.
Happy Hour involved the spa and lemon squares.
My croquet set came; it’s incredibly official looking. It’s bright and colorful and I love it. I’ve set some mallets and flags up in my living room so people know I have the game. My jigsaw puzzle and new shoes also arrived.
Today I get back to work on the fence. And I am going to try setting up my solar powered garden lamps to add some glitz to my garden. I have three of them.

This is an abandoned church in Montreal.
I want to live in it.

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