Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The second anniversary of my dysfluency came and went yesterday, unheralded. Although there’s been no improvement in my speech in the past two years, the “end” of having seizures is something to celebrate — a gift of absence for what I expect to be one of the finest summers of my life — spent entirely in Pinecone Park & Spa.
This morning, walking Sheba — right after I thanked God for getting me to Africa and India — I realized my seizures are not truly over. I have mastered la vie quotidienne but if something truly awful were to happen, I’ll seize. But that’ll be probably never here on Gabriola.
And I blessed my African and Indian experiences because while there, as happens here every morning, I was up early and out walking to the sound of roosters and the smell of morning fires. As I walk here I recall those wonderful sunlit sixteen months of mornings and re-experience that tranquil fragrant joy.  
And incense. Indians constantly burned it and I, being profoundly sensate, loved it. I burn if often here at The Spa. It’s aroma therapy because like the rooster and the wood smoke, wonderful memories flood my mind.
I can only recall rain on only one night in all those sixteen months. Whereas here…
I saw my new GP yesterday; he recommends stretching exercises to increase my core strength and to improve my balance. It will likely reduce some back pain as well, so I’m going to try to somehow bring exercise into my life. I can hardly wait, like I can hardly wait to roll naked in broken glass.
“Yoga,” he said and I heard Tibetan bells and felt colon peristalsis.
Yoga here alone I could handle. A class of old peers in leotards and mantra talk? Not without a gun.
Monday was great. It was warm; there were shadows and no rain! Each day it doesn’t rain, I walk past every bulb, shrub and tree I’ve planted here — every single one. It’s my version of “doing rounds;” it’s the closest thing to childbirth for me — bringing life to seeds and growing fruit and flowers. Oh God, how I’ve missed gardening!
Beth rode my guest bike into town. Yay! I’m soglad to have a working bike. I walked the trail with Her Highness and when Beth got back, we three went to Drumbegto celebrate the lack of rain. It was really fun and we saw a sea lion swimming in the straight.
We got pizza for dinner and watched the first episode of The Unforgotten. It’s full of people from other BBC series I’ve watched.
I’m not a political person (you may have noticed). I’m so cynical, I’m glad I’m old and will miss the decline of Homo Sapiens. But I actually felt inner joy to hear that Kinder Morganis ceasing further development of its pipeline to Burnaby. It may continue, but not without a political agreement between the Province of BC and the Federal Government. This may be a battle won — perhaps a hugely important one — but not the war. 
I’m not anti-resource exploitation; I know its role in our history. But to increase the tanker flow by so many tankers into one of the world’s most beautiful city harbours is just plane insane. Rachel Notley: A pox on you!
I’ve written to Darryl about building a trellis for the courtyard and screening the front porch so I can leave the front door open (and the cats get another playground). 
Now I wait for sun.

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