Sunday, April 9, 2023

My Day Again

 I never watch Saturday Night Live, but last night it came on when I finished watching a movie, so I watched the introduction. It was brilliant. I was rolling on the couch laughing and the actor doing Donald Trump. He was nothing short of extraordinary and the writing was absolutely brilliant. I am so, so glad I saw it.

I ran lines, read and went for a long afternoon walk yesterday. It was a lovely gentle day. Because I don’t do much, I don’t have much to write about, but I’m really solid with my monologue. I’ve no blocks at all anymore.

I really love this idleness that is my every day. Thank God I quit the clinic. It is far too much fun having all my time to myself, especially as the weather gets so much milder and brighter with every day. The coming week looks like it’ll be rather damp, so no yard work for a while. And that means no toting of wood. Hooray!

I’ll walk this morning at 10:30 with Stacy and Otis, then I’ll come home to read and chill before going to Kris and Steve’s tonight, for dinner, with Stacy. I always love every second of my time with them. Kris and Stacy are fabulous sisters; they are always so, so much fun to visit.

Seed pods of Poinsettia.

Monet's kitchen.

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