Thursday, April 6, 2023

Party Planning

My cheap pay-as-you-go phone has arrived, but it needs a SIM card. (The sigh of the fellow I called about the phone was audible when I asked what a SIM card is.) I ordered one. It’s going to be a challenge for me to get this phone working. I don’t like interacting with new technologies, but the phone will be handy in Victoria and when I am away from home. I’m glad I got it. I’ve paid for a 911 connection. 

All I did on Wednesday was read and do errands. It was a cool day, so it was lovely reading by the fire and getting toasty warm. Today is dark and wet. I’m very glad that it’s raining because we’ve had precious little rain for quite a while. All our streams are dry already. We’re worried about a very arid Summer coming.

I made this ad to post on our community bulletin boards on Facetime. I want people to know that a big Halloween party in in the works for our island so that they can plan to attend and start making their costumes. I won’t post it though, until I know that my LGBTQ+ friends support the idea. I’m thinking we could do this annually to have fun and to raise money to donate to local charities.

Today will be a slow day. I won’t be going outside in the rain. I’ll run my lines a few times, start a new Guido Brunetti book, and I’ll think about food instead of eating it. I am on a mission to lose some weight. 

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