Wednesday, April 19, 2023

I ❤️ Kanopy!

Well, I now have a working cell phone, but what a process it involved. I pity my fellow seniors who, like me, must tangle with the demands of this technological age. I found the whole process very trying, getting it set up and working. But it’s done now.

Last night I watched a Turkish film. Kanopy now has a zillion films online for streaming that are “free.” Kanopy limits me to 10 films per month, but the “free” films don’t count so I can go to Kanopy every night. Every night I watch a movie. There are no commercials and I nearly always watch foreign films. I particularly love watching films from Africa, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Cuba … countries that make films that feel free of conventions of Western cinema.

I’ve seen some mighty odd films, but I watch each one to the end. Some, I will never forget. I love immersing myself in the sensibilities of the culture of the film. I also love stories in bright sunshine—especially when set in a coastal community. I love films about food and flowers, documentaries and dramas. I’m not a fan of comedy, really, but I’ve seen some great comedies at my Pinecone Park Film Festival. 

Watching a (preferably un-dubbed) foreign film leaves me feeling like I’ve been away, and I have been away from my world. I am free of all the shite in the world. 

I do another ‘performance” of my monologue this afternoon. Next week, I do it at the local library. I have no more such rehearsals planned but I hope to do some for friends—live or on Zoom. I run my lines to myself or out loud (quietly) as I walk Sheba in the forest trails. I know it all well now. I am so happy to have it set and I’ve another month to go before I do it.

My friend, Judith, is a publisher. She is part of my small dog walking group that walks together three times a week. Her company is a big deal here, partly because of the success of her books, and partly because she provides interesting jobs for locals. We walk often about films and books. I really like Judith and her partner, Anthony.

She was greatly taken with my monologue, bless her. She was effusive afterwards. But we walked together Monday morning, and she told me something that was kind of lovely. She told me how wonderful it was to “discover” me. Judith and I have walked together three times a week for well over five years. We have a good sense of each other, and we all like each other. What she enjoyed was discovering a part of me that she knew nothing about.

I once had a similar experience. My dear friend, Dianne, became the head of the BC Film Commission, and one day, at some large arts gathering of some kind, our paths crossed. I merely attended the event. Dianne made a speech. I was incredulous as she spoke. I was, at once, astounded by her professionalism and speaking skills, and bewilderment. It was like I was seeing a genius twin sister of my friend.

We’re back to rain and it’s still cool. I’ve to get through the rest of this week with wet and coolness, but next week is looking more like real Spring weather. I can hardly wait.

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