Tuesday, April 18, 2023

More Slow Living

Sunday was very, very quiet and slow at Pinecone Park. The day passed as I like my Sundays to pass, but I would have preferred a sunny warm day of yardwork.

Monday was the same, but there was one exciting/stressful aspect to the day: my SIM card arrived for my new cell phone. I bought it to have with me when I travel anywhere. I got motivated by the coming trip to Victoria. Dianne and I will be able to find each other with our phones. I have joined Facebook this past year, and now I have a cell phone. The falcon cannot hear the falconer.

Any time I must interact with technology, I get frustrated. It took me ages to figure out how to load the SIM card into the phone. There were no instructions included on how to insert it. I’m still not clear on how I finally figured things out, but I got it into the phone, and I’ve started going through a bazillion steps to make it operational and to learn how to use it. Ihope to get it working today.

We’re averaging temperatures 9° lower than normal this Spring. I’m sick of being cold outside. At least it’s sunny this morning. There are big fluffy clouds and lots of blue sky, but that means little. The weather is unstable at this time of year. Anything could happen. Last night we had ferocious winds. Sigh. 

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