Friday, April 28, 2023

Summer is Here

Last night I watched a 2-hour movie wherein every single actor was deaf—plus, none of them were vocalizing in any way, even groans. It was a bit of a gruesome story, but it was amazing to watch. They were all extraordinarily fast at signing. They finger-signed nothing. Amazing. Not one word is spoken in the entire film.

I spent the Monday moving very slowly, but I had an appetite and no longer felt nauseous. I seem to have made myself sick from over exertion. Normally, when I work, I take a rest as often as I need to, but on Wednesday, I had to try to keep up with Joe—rather, I felt I did. My hands hurt, my legs hurt, and my forearms really hurt; doing anything yesterday was mildly painful. Today will be much, much better. I already feel much more myself.

There is so incredibly much to do around the yard. I hope to do lots of yard work today, but I will not spend my day toting wood. I may do an hour or so of stacking, but that’s all. One-to-two hours a day is my plan, until it’s all in the shed. Besides, I have a date at the library to do my monologue.

And speaking of my monologue, it may not happen in Victoria. The producers are thinking of changing the dates, so Dianne and I must cancel our VRBO house by Monday if we don’t plan to go. This is amateur producing at its worst. And it looks like Cultivate, our Summer festival here on Gabriola, is fully programmed already for next year. So, all my writing and memorizing may not lead to a performance. The good thing is, I don’t care.

It's predicted to be in the mid-twenties today and tomorrow. I’m thrilled. The other thing that thrills me, is that I bought a maul. A maul is a really heavy axe with a wide back that forces the wood apart when you use it. It is absolutely amazing how easy it is to split the large pieces of wood that Joe created from the bucked pieces. I wish I’d known more about axes when I bought the axe that I’ve been using for the past six years.

Today is stunning. It’s already 18° and Her Highness and I had a fabulous morning walk with our friends. Now I’m home and I’m not going to do yard work because I am going to do my monologue in the library at 1:00. My friend Cynthia is coming to be with me. It’s going to be a great, great day.

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