Saturday, April 8, 2023

Slow Living

Friday was a lovely sunny day that clouded over late in the afternoon. And then the wind came, and I knew a storm was coming. Of course it would! I just put my generator away.

I get maybe one or two emails a day. I used to be buried in them, but no more, now that I’m finished with clinic work. I went through my computer and deleted all the old clinic emails. 

I’m relaxed about the monologue. I know it. I don’t run lines every day anymore. I’m quite solid in it. But I will do it often every day starting on Monday because I do my first small house ‘performance’ on Wednesday.

I’ve designed my costume for Halloween. I’m going as a fop. I’m going to make a wig, hat, blouse with HUGE cuffs for the sleeves, pantaloons, shin cuffs, cape, and flowers for the shoes. I’m going in white face, with red lips, a beauty mark, and high arched brows. All with paper of course.

I’m going to ask my compatriots about this suggestion for part of the entertainment. That judges we choose roam through the crowd during the first hour-and-a-half, and they choose maybe 15 people in great costumes to whom they award a ribbon and interview each one briefly to obtain information about them to announce in the costume runway. 

As each person walks a path cleared through the crowd, one at a time, and then exits. We share stories about the person and their costume as they walk. When each person has been introduced, we bring all 15 out onto the path, and award X of them with prizes: Best in Show, Funniest, Best Political Statement, Best Animal, Best Professional, Most Halloweeny, etc. We’d have to get awards donated.

Today is damp and dark and I am fine with that. I love having nada to do. I’ll read, run my lines a few times and generally chill all day, staying cozy warm indoors. I have wood to move from one shed to another (so that seasoned wood is accessible and greener wood is in the back of the shed), but today’s not the day for doing that.

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