Thursday, April 20, 2023

A '⭐️' Shines

Wednesday began with a walk in the cool morning air with Sheba and our friends, then I came home to clean and tidy up before the arrival of my tiny audience. What was nice, was waiting but feeling confident. I know my lines.

Everybody arrived right on time, and before I knew it, I was done. It was nice having my dog walking friends in for a bit of a socializing as well as the monologue. But what a blast my ‘performance’ was. It was my first time, with an audience, that I have done it perfectly. I was very, very pleased with the entire experience. My friends loved it. They were kind and generous with their praise. I am stoked and ready!

Once it was done, they left, and the sky had cleared. It was a lovely sunny late afternoon, so Sheba and I headed off to the park to play fetch together. It felt wonderful in the sunshine, and I felt wonderful inside about the success of the monologue. We had a great time in the park, and then I came home to celebrate with cookies. I’ve had no sweets for the past five weeks. 

The evening was spectacular. I was relaxed and I felt very, very good about the monologue and to be free of the clinic. Life is wonderful!

Today has dawned dark, damp and cool. What’s new? But come Monday, temperatures rise and the sky clears. We’ll be close to 20° next week and I am ready! I’ll spend the day chillin’. I’ll read, maybe do some shopping, and Her Highness and I will do our usual walks.

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