Sunday, April 2, 2023

Small Audiences

What a miracle! I did three runs on Saturday without a single block. I couldn’t believe it. I was thrilled. I also posted the ad for tiny audiences to help me practice. And finally, I got a cell phone so that I have it when I’m in Victoria. Everything is coming together.

How did I celebrate? By cleaning the shed. Oh, how I love it when the shed is all tidy and clean. That’s another thing done. The big jobs left to do are cleaning up the back yard—that’s a huge job—and ordering and stacking the wood I need for our next Winter. I’m going to buy half as much as I usually do, and hope that I can split some of the wood felled last year.

I stayed cool all day on the weekend. Our walks were short. I left for our walk during glorious sunshine on Saturday, the sun had been n and off all day, and on our way home there was a thundering downfall of hail. Hard noisy hail shining bright white in the sunshine. It was beautiful. And soon it was gone and over.

Saturday night, my ‘performance’ was dreadful. I have to slow down and focus on my posture and what my hands are doing. But I have one performance to a small audience each week for the coming three weeks, and I am going to do the best I can with them.

Sunday was a lovely slow day. I am still living with the thrill of being free of the clinic. I’m really proud of my year with the Foundation, but I am really glad to be free again. I am just relaxing all the time and keeping Pinecone Park looking good.

We went on the big community dog walk on Sunday. It’s been rather brisk of late, around 4°. It’s predicted to warm up this week, but there’s a lot of rainy days ahead. Sigh. It was a good walk, but I was very happy to get home and comfortable reading by the fire.

Today, I’ll be running lines, but on my feet and working on pacing and pitch, reading and not doing any clinic work. 

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