Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Small Audience Day / Lebowitz

Tuesday was a great day. I had all the energy I needed to do all the errands I wanted to do.

As soon as I got up, I started dusting and cleaning the whole house (except for the guest rooms). I did a thorough cleaning of all the surfaces including book tops, shelve surfaces, and inside all my decorative glass bowls. I vacuumed, I went shopping for supplies, I did laundry, and I baked a batch of a favourite cookie—Ranger Cookies. I hadn’t made them for years.

I ran my lines with no blocks, and I also had some lovely outdoor time as, shortly before noon, the sun came out with a vengeance. It was gloriously warm in the sunshine as I started toting wood from the back shed to the main shed. I took photos of the massive sections of bucked trees, and I posted on Facebook trying to find someone who can split them. They are massive, many weight over 200 pounds.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to be free of the clinic?

Beth, bless her, sent me an email saying lots of people need to be the boss, including some very high achievers. It did help my shame to hear her point of view, so I called her to chat.

I have a fellow coming by today to look at the enormous pieces of chucked wood. He’s going to give me an estimate and we’ll have a talk. He forewarned me of the probable cost being high. I may be okay with that. I felled the trees. If I use them, I feel better that felling trees and leaving them to rot on my land. 

I had a hell of a time speaking to Robin on the phone. I was preparing to post an ad on Facebook looking for someone to do the work, and I remembered seeing an ad of his on FB advertising bucking services. Robin is a volunteer fireman here. When the man in line at Nester’s collapsed onto the floor behind me one day, it was Robin who came to do the CPR. He was working in the grocery store at the time.

I like him, I trust him, and I like supporting local young people. He has 2 young daughters. He and his wife are lovely people. My symptoms explode when I have to deal with strangers, so having Robin do the work is far, far more comfortable for me. It feels good to be getting onto this challenge because bucking the felled trees clears more of my land and gives me firewood for Winter.

Hiring Robin means I can stack the wood slowly as he works. He’ll be working right beside the shed where the wood will season. Stacking will be very simple. Ever since I moved here, I’ve stacked 6 cords of wood all at once. I’m going to propose that he do the work, starting with the smallest of the bucked pieces.

I think I’m going to build myself a mighty complex costume for Halloween. I’m going to build it in pieces and have an assistant dress me when I put it on. Ties/snaps will hold it together. I’m going to start working on it after the monologue. I’ve got to tidy up the studio to work there. I can hardly wait to get started. Building all those dresses many years ago taught me all I need to know to try to do something eye-popping.

I am not going to limit myself to using paper. Anything is a go this time. I’m going to use cloth for the arms and legs because besides having a magnificent costume, I also am the producer of the event, so I need to be comfortable and mobile. I must dress at the venue. I can’t drive in the costume I’m going to build for myself.

I’ll be walking this morning with my small group of fellow dog walkers, then running lines before welcoming my little audience of 5 at 4:00 pm, plus I hope to move a few wheelbarrows of wood from the back shed into the courtyard shed. Then I’ll clean up before I welcome my guests and serve them cookies, nice chocolates and tea/coffee before the monologue. 

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