Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Grumpy Trumpy Felon

This is the best Randy Rainbow yet.

I’ve got 5 people lined up for the 12th and the 19th. And on the 28th, I do it at the library, so I have an audience once a week for the next three weeks. 

I did my taxes yesterday and mailed them. That’s a major thing done. And today I get my car insurance. With no clinic work hanging over my head, I’m getting things done that I’ve been wanting to do forever! And, of course, I run my lines. The whole thing rolls out of me pretty easily. I’m practicing going slower.

I read, run lines, and do errands or yard work, depending on the weather. I’ve finally stopped thinking about the clinic and leaving. I run lines in my head instead. It feels good to come and go on a spotlessly clean driveway and front yard. It’s such a lovely time of year—my yard is green but there are no weeds yet. They’re coming. 

The spectrum of human experience is far too complicated to be limited to happy, sad, and in-between. In fact, there are more words for the “in-between” than most people know. Here are 10 nouns in the English language for our many complicated human emotions. 

Iove #9. As a kid, I’d imagine being on a rocket shooting off from earth, through the universe and to its edge, and when I reached the edge, I’d shake with incomprehension wondering what the universe was in.

1.     Chrysalism: (Pronounced kris-a-lizim.) The feeling of tranquility when you’re indoors when it’s raining heavily outside. 

2.     Lilo: (Pronounced ly-lo.) The friendship between two people who feel as if no time has passed when they see each other after a long period of separation. 

3.     Sonder: (Pronounced son-der.) The realization that every stranger and passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. That each person is occupied by their own personal ambitions, worries, and problems.

4.     Monachopsis: (Pronounced mo-na-kop-sis.) The inability to adapt to your surroundings and the feeling of being out of place. 

5.     Eramnesia: (Pronounced eram-nee-ja.) The realization that you were born in the wrong time period, wishing you lived in another time. 

6.     Anemoia: (Pronounced an-em-oh-ya.) The feeling of nostalgia for a time or place that you have never experienced.

7.     Pâro: (Pronounced pah-ro.) The feeling that no matter what you do, you’re doing it wrong. 

8.     Xeno: (Pronounced zee-noh.) The powerful moments shared between random strangers, such as a smile or a laugh, which reduce feelings of loneliness. 

9.     Acatalepsy: (Pronounced aka-ta-lep-sy.) The apparent impossibility of humans ever comprehending the universe. 

10.  Liberosis: (Pronounced lib-ero-sis.) The desire to care less about things, to feel less. 

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