Saturday, April 1, 2023

Serious Progress

Dianne and I have rented a house (VRBO) in Victoria for our visit at the beginning of June to go to the monologue festival. Hooray!!! The place is pet friendly and not too far from the theatre where I am performing, and it has free parking, a gas fireplace, a large screen TV and 2 bedrooms. It’s all very exciting and we are looking forward to having a lot of fun together.

I’m going to go to a 711 store and buy a phone and load it up with minutes so that I can find Diane in Victoria at any time. She may care for Sheba while I’m at the rehearsal.

I started getting scared about doing it in public. It’s totally different saying out loud for another person. I’ve got to start rehearsing in front of people. I have the library set for the end of May. And tonight, I’m going to dinner with Nancy, Kris and Steve. I’m going to ask them if I can try my monologue with them. I’m sure they’ll agree to help me. It’s only 15 minutes.

I know all the words, but I’ve yet to do a run without a block. I’m keeping a spreadsheet of my blocks. My best is 2 bocks.

I wrote to my friend, John, giving him information about where the shows are and when. He and Bunny are going to come over to the big island and see the show. I have such great friends.

I think I’m going to try using our community Facebook page to get an audience of few to come here to help me practice (see the Facebook ad above).  I want to do it once a week that way. I plan to also get friends to hear me in person once or twice a week. I’m going into high-intensity training. I’ll get one person in each group to be my prompt—that person will also mark my bocks o the script.

I’m still feeling the movie Close in my body. I watched it because I’d been choosing shows shot outdoors, and preferably in Italy or France, but anywhere on a coast is perfect. I like seeing sunshine during the cold months, and it was cold last night, so I went back to Cinema Beach.

I’m very glad I quit the clinic, now more than ever. I’m so much more relaxed. There are very few emails, no meetings, I think about my monologue instead of clinic things. I’m glad now for myself, not due to any issues. I didn’t expect the level of intensity of being a volunteer. I’m glad I’m back on my own time, full time. 

Well…. I am THRILLED! This morning, I did my monologue with only 1 block. After a day of real nervousness about my project, I suddenly feel confident again. I can easily fix that one glitch. I’ll do several runs today and I expect to do well tonight doing a run for my friends. This is no April 1 joke, I really did it almost perfectly. Rehearsing works! I’ve managed to conquer all the blocks. Hurrah! I am hugely relieved.  

Lion's Mane Mushroom.

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